Esthetics      -
Custom Peels
An intensive exfoliating treatment to resurface the skin to lesson the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Improving overall skin tone and hydration.  Various acids will be utilized depending on your skin type.
Passion/Peptide Resurfacing Solution - A blend of passion fruit, papaya, pineapple, pumpkin, and poly peptides exfoliate and revitalize.  Perfect for unbalanced skin, if you are pregnant and for teen skin.
Lactic/Kojic Resurfacing Solution -  Along with a 50% blend of lactic and kojic acids this peel also contains bearberry a natural lightener, polypeptides to revitalize, and vitamin C and green tea antioxidants.
Glycolic/Retinol Resurfacing Solution - An intense peel of a 40% glycolic and retinol will lighten, stimulate collagen, while comfrey and chamomile will add anti-inflammatory properties.  The ultimate in anti-aging.
Salicylic/Glycolic Resurfacing Solution - A peeling solution of 20% salicylic and glycolic acids exfoliate the skin and control oil in acne prone skin.  Potent anti oxidants vitamin C and green tea will protect and sooth the skin.
Treatments includes cleansing, peel application, mask.  A shoulder massage is included during masking.

30 minute Peel and Go

Perfection Lift - This peeling solution of salicylic, lactic, and retinol is "a triple effect peel" preparing, peeling & protecting to create perfection.  This treatment results in a substantial amount of peeling and flaking.  This peel can be applied up to three layers and is self neutralizing.  You will be sent home with a post treatment kit to use for one week.
30 minutes $135.00
Home kit included
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